More than one hundred years of traditional craftsmanship reflecting a unique understanding of their art ... and life.
Renewing a legacy by remaining true to your origins.

In 2017 Casa Fagliano celebrates its 125th anniversary, beginning a new chapter in the history of polo’s most prestigious brand and marking a new milestone in the fashion and the luxury sector.

The legacy of more than a century has provided exciting possibilities for new product development, countless opportunities to exalt true objects of desire, and above all, has provided the energy required to perpetuate the value of the brand through new lines designed with steadfast passion.

Infused with the essence of quality and tradition, Casa Fagliano launches a new range for lovers of products with soul: classic men's and women's shoes, jackets and accessories made from the finest leather and produced with the same rigor and passion usually reserved for the creation of bespoke products.

This new collection of footwear, jackets and accessories has been designed and made according to the timeless values hat are a distinctive feature of the brand. Updating the principles of the best Italian artisan traditions and, in design, its unique and unmistakable concept of British distinction means the new product line embodies the essence of Casa Fagliano’s unrivalled legacy.

Step by step the everyday becomes extraordinary.

Casa Fagliano is internationally recognized today for producing the most exclusive polo and equestrian boots in the world. The boots that fit; from personalities and famous actors to the best professional polo players. Boots that are the result of 125 years of experience. A unique inheritance: a love for the trade transmitted from generation to generation, from parent to child. A distinctive character that is unmistakably Fagliano.

Since 1892, when new arrivals from Italy, Pedro and Giacomina Fagliano opened their workshop in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Hurlingham, there has been five generations of the family devoted to handcrafted shoemaking. At present there is Rodolfo - with a life dedicated to his profession and still active - his sons Eduardo and Hector and his grandchildren Germán and Lucas.

They share the tasks in his store-workshop: the design, the precise delineation of the patterns, the cut of the skins - of Cordovan, calf and buffalo, always tanned with extract of quebracho - the sewing of the different pieces - with a Durkopp machine that has been working for more than 100 years - the nailing and gluing of soles and heels, the personalized attention to the customer in the same store ...

Theirs is a way of understanding the art beyond that of the strictly professional, a passionate claim of values, ot only traditional but timeless.

Only perfection creates objects with soul.

Casa Fagliano goes far beyond the mere professional, it is a passionate vindication of timeless culture and values. Each creation is an expression of the Fagliano Way, a unique understanding, not only of the work of master shoemakers and artisan leather craftsmen, but life itself.

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